Summer Rentals

Happy Summer! The summer rental period will take place from June 2 to August 10! If you plan to come in for either maintenance or rentals, please let us know at (314) 329-7433 or

Summer Hours:

  • Saturdays 10am-12pm
  • Sundays 10am-12pm


The rental package includes:

  • A Mountain, Single-Speed, or Hybrid Bicycle
  • Any maintenance the bicycle needs
  • A lock and a key

Bears Bikes Rental Pricing and Shopping Cart

Please note: $150 refundable security deposit will be added as “Shipping & Handling”

***Please email us if you would like to rent a bike over the summer.***

Full Summer Bike Rental: $79.99

Helmet : $15.00


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Summer Store Hours:

Saturday and Sunday 10am-12pm


314-329-RIDE (preferred communication)