Second Semester Rentals are now available!

Renting a bike from Bears Bikes gives you the opportunity to ride a high quality bike for a fraction of the cost of owning one. When you rent with us you get much more than just a bicycle. The Renter’s Package includes the following:

    • One semester rental of a 21-speed Giant/Schwinn/Trek Mountain, Giant Hybrid Bicycle, or Critical Single Speed Bicycle
    • One year rental of a Kryptonite U-Lock & registration with the WashU Police Department ($20 value)
    • Free maintenance for the full semester ($50 value)
    • Don’t have to worry about storing your bike for the summer ($60 value)

The hybrid bikes are our highest-end model that are the most versatile bike we offer and offer a smooth and comfortable ride. Brand new last year, we are proud to offer Critical single speed bikes as our third model. They are a fantastic, sleek, extremely light, and simple way to bike on and off campus. Mountain bikes are our older model, that have thicker tires but will still get around campus very well! If you have any questions about which bike we recommend, email us at

We take a $150 security deposit on each bike rental in the rare case that it is lost or stolen during the year. We return the deposit by check when the bike is returned.

If you are not interested in a full semester rental but would still like to rent a bike for a day, weekend, or however long you’d prefer, we would be more than willing to accommodate you. These reservations should be sent to

Bears Bikes Rental Pricing and Shopping Cart

Please note: $200 refundable security deposit will be added as “Shipping & Handling”


Mountain Bike Rental 2018-2019 YR: $229.99


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Single Speed Bike Rental 2018-2019 YR: $229.99

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Hybrid Bike Rental 2018-2019 YR: $249.99

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Helmet : $15.00


  • Hybrid Bike
  • Single Speed Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Summer Store Hours:

    Saturday and Sunday 10am-12pm


    (preferred communication)