About Us

Founding of Bears Bikes
Bears Bikes was founded by two WashU students in 2004 when a lunchtime chat led to a simple idea: offer students the opportunity to rent rather than purchase bikes!

What was a very simple idea transformed into a serious business plan through the course of a few short months.
The purpose of this business is to give students low-hassle transportation at an affordable cost.

Student Entrepreneurial Program
Bears Bikes is a fully-sanctioned business of the Washington University Student Entrepreneurial Program.

Bears Bikes, like all StEP businesses, is a student-owned and operated business. In order to participate, all owners must be undergraduates enrolled full-time at WashU. When the owners graduate, they must sell their business to younger students. Bears Bikes is currently under its fourth generation of ownership.

Bears Bike Team Owners

Ethan Ruder – Ethan Ruder is a Junior from Newton, MA pursuing majors in Economics and Finance and a minor in the Business of Sports. Ethan plays on the Club Baseball Team and is a member of the Olin Sports Management Organization. He is the COO of Bears Bikes and is also the head of finance.

Jeff Elbaum- Jeff Elbaum is studying Economics in the College of Arts & Sciences and hails from Trumbull, CT.  Jeff is a member of the Squash Team, the Olin Sports Management Organization, the Real Estate Club, and is the treasurer for the Bee School.  Jeff enjoys getting rad all the time while biking, hiking, and skiing in Stowe, VT, and he is the lead mechanic at Bears Bikes.

Fawaz Mohiuddin- Fawaz Mohiuddin is studying Finance in the Olin Business School and is also pursuing a minor in Mandarin Chinese and the Business of Sports. Fawaz is from Minneapolis, MN and is a member of the Olin Sports Management Organization, the Washington University Investment Banking Association, and MoneyThink.

Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 PM and Sunday 2-4 PM


info@bearsbikes.com (preferred communication)